Seibu Group's Prince Hotel Wants to Have Dolphin Shows

"AquaStadium" will open in part of the Shinagawa Prince Hotel (Takanawa, Minato District, Tokyo) in front of Shinagawa train station on April 8th. The facility is aimed as an "entertainment space for adults," including a large dolphin pool with 1300 seats and a restaurant.

The "AquaStadium" is currently under construction at Shinagawa Prince Hotel, which upon completion will be 6900 square meters, consisting of a combination of different facilities including an indoor jet coaster and other four attractions, and a live hall with the capacity of 1900 people.

The theme of this project is "healing adults," focusing its customers on office workers and couples, by opening until late at night both during weekdays and weekends, and by having services such as a restaurant with small aquariums with tropical fish and cafes with original sweets menus.

The main attraction of the aquarium (adult admission 1800yen) is the show pool. 360 spectators will surround the 25meter-diameter dolphin pool, and the six dolphins trained at the Hakkeijima Sea Paradise (which belongs to the same Seibu Group as the Prince Hotel,) will demonstrate dynamic shows.

There also will be a fan-shaped sea lion pool seating 400 people and a 20meter- long tunnel aquarium, in which sawfish and sharks swim.

The AquaStadium is a full-scale aquarium with the total water capacity of 4,100 tons presenting 20,000 fish from 300 species, but will not put any information panels, and will instead create a romantic atmosphere by starry sky inspired lightings. Two minutes from the train station and adjoining to a hotel and a movie theatre,the staffs are enthusiastic and expecting that "this venue alone will attract approximately 2,000,000 people during the first year.

Yoshiaki Tsutsumi, the former head of Seibu Group, was arrested for illegal stock transactions. Seiyu, a Japanese supermarket affiliated with the US Corporation Wal-Mart is also under the umbrella of Seibu Group.

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