Take Action Now to Save the Western Pacific Gray Whale!

February 19, 2003, is recognized in Russia as International Whale Day, a day to celebrate and protect the world's largest creatures. It is part of Whale Week, an internationally recognized week of whale appreciation.

A species of whale that calls the shores of Sakhalin Island, in the Russian Far East, their home is facing an immediate threat. The Western Pacific Gray Whale is recognized around the world as critically endangered. Less than 100 whales remain in the population. Russian environmentalists and whale enthusiasts are seeking international action to save these endangered whales.

In the last few years, life has taken a turn for the worse for these beautiful giants. Their feeding grounds coincide with the location of large offshore oil and gas deposits. And now, two international oil consortiums led by Shell and ExxonMobil are drilling for oil and gas in and nearby Western Pacific Gray Whale feeding grounds. Both companies have carried out underwater seismic blasts, and Shell has dumped drilling waste directly into the sea. If these oil consortiums have their way, then this is only the beginning. The companies plan to build piers, underwater oil pipelines, and another oil platform.

There is still time to prevent these projects from harming the whales' survival! Shell and ExxonMobil can move forward only after receiving positive environmental impact reviews from the Russian government. Write a letter, send a fax, or make a phone call before or on February 19 to some key decision-makers, and demand that they not threaten these whales!

Go to  www.pacificenvironment.org/russia/whaleweek  for sample letters
contact information for key decision-makers.

A few minutes of your time now may mean survival for these whales.

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