Stop the Research Whaling Right Now

Change the Way of Research into a Non-Lethal Method!

This is the protest letter we sent to our Prime Minister;

Prime Minister Yoshiro Mori,

Despite the deep sorrow of people with conscience throughout the world, the Japanese Government permitted the Institute of Cetacean Research to practice "research" whaling and so killed Bryde's and Sperm whales as well as minke whales. Moreover the government showed a dominating attitude towards international voices.

Again, a whaling fleet is now about to launch toward the Antarctic Ocean. The government announced that they will capture around 400 minke whales this time as well. In the past 12 years, some 5,000 minke whales were killed in the Antarctic Ocean, even though it is considered to be public property, by Japanese ignoring international agreements.

In addition, the meat after the "research" is sold in the market at a high price and distributed commercially to make some dealer a large profit. It can be a front for illegal distribution of mislabeled whale meat.

There is no excuse for such a barbarous action. We strongly oppose the assumption that whaling is supported by the Japanese people. Even if the government and whaling industries control the information, we, people with consciousness, are not deceived and will not allow arbitrary decisions.

We urge you to reconsider this issue calmly and stop lethal research immediately.

The issue of whaling is not a confrontation between Japan and other countries. It is conflict between an old sense of value which regards wild animals as just resources for human beings and a new sense of value which promotes sharing this world with others, dismissing the narrow idea that human beings should be central.

You have a great responsibility for all the people in this country especially young generations who must shoulder this country's future. We request you not to be influenced in your judgment by parlor scientists and make a wise choice.


Please send this kind of letter to Prime Minister Mori and following people by either FAX or e-mail.

Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi
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Mr. Tutomu Takebe
the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries,
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Mr. Yoshiaki Watanabe
the Director General of Fishery Agency,
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