Opening statement for the 54th IWC from IKAN


Request for more discussions that have a positive contribution to cetacean conservation

Dolphin and Whale Action Network is a citizens group dedicated to working for the conservation of dolphins and whales from in Japan. We recognize the serious impact of Japanese whaling and dolphin hunts, and also the human-induced climate changes and marine water pollution on whale species.

We feel there is a need for the immediate and sustainable whale conservation plans, and present the following to IWC.

  1. We acknowledge the moratorium on commercial whaling decided in 1986 contributed in conservation of whale species, and fully support the continuance of the moratorium.
  2. We demand the end of scientific whaling, and instead encourage the switchover to non-lethal research. We ask Japan to follow the advice given in the IWC. Scientific whaling is contributory only to the whaling industry, and we feel that our taxes are used improperly. Scientific whaling also increases the possibility of the circulation of illegal whale meat.
  3. We welcome any recommendation that opposes the expansion of scientific whaling in the northwestern Pacific Ocean. There are experts inside Japan who take a critical view towards the put forth problem that the whales are the sole cause of the decline in fish catch. It is unscientific to use such excuse to attempt the expansion of scientific whaling.
  4. We request more active discussions and inquiries concerning whale meat contamination, and its long-term effects on human health. High level chemical contamination of whale meat is now a well-known fact. Even then, there are some people who try to hide this problem and start to enlarge the circulation of the meat. We should not allow expansion of such circulation. It also distributes products that would threaten human health, for the benefit of only a few people.
  5. We urge IWC for more discussions concerning the impact of coastal whaling on whale population, and its contribution to the conservation of whales. Dolphin hunts in the Japanese coastal waters have been ongoing, for meat that is sold as whale meat. Among the dolphins caught, are species whose populations are threatened due to the heavy industrial pressure.
  6. We are disappointed about the misusage of tax payers money, as it is used to buy small countries votes, for the whaling industry. We hope the decisions that will be made in the meeting wont be affected by such financial influence.

Iruka (Dolphin) & Kujira (Whale) Action Network