Do not let Nagoya Port Aquarium introduce live orcas!

Action Alert against Nagoya Port Aquarium

Now is the time to tell them not to do it.

Nagoya Port Aquarium will open a new facility in November. They announced that they will exhibit a mechanic orca which will be imported from Mannetron Inc. in the US. That's what we have been advising the aquarium to do instead of having living orcas. The idea was given to them while having many meetings with us to request them to give up their wish to capture orcas. So, I wrote an official document of the plan with some project plans which would certainly be very popular. However, they cunningly took my idea and have not given up their original idea to display live orcas. A huge tank for five or six orcas has already been built. I am so sad and feeling betrayed but I do not have time for such indignation.

"We do not only display animals for entertainment, but also for lots of other information to enhance our educational porpoces" Itaru Uchida, the director of the Aquarium, said to a local newspaper. He unexpectedly showed his intention that the aquarium is primarily for entertainment and educational purpose comes second.

Now, I say, it is great timing to tell them not to have orcas. So I need your help. Please urge them not to keep orcas that is out-dated now and tell them that people would rather see mechanic orcas than miserable captured ones. Let them know that keeping orcas is not only cruel but also a business risk.

Please write protest letters NOW to the following addresses. Send the letters by FAX:

Nagoya Port Aquarium
455-0033 1-3 Minatomachi Minatoku Nagoya-shi,
Aichi-ken, Japan
fax: +81-52-654-7001

Masaaki Kanda,
Governor of Aichi prefecture,
460-0001 Aichi Prefectural Office
3-1-1 San nomaru Naka-ku Nagoya-shi
Aichi-ken, Japan
fax: +81-52-951-1074

Takehisa Matubara,
Mayor of Nagoya city,
460-0001 Nagoya city hall 3-1-1
Sannomaru Nakaku Nagoya-shi,
Aichi-ken, Japan
fax: +81-52-972-4105