Research Whaling: Heading Towards Nationalization

Unraveling the Financial Statement of the Unsold Whale Meat -Laden ICR– what’s behind the interception of Disaster Recovery Funds and Profitable Fisheries subsidy

Junko Sakuma
(Freelance writer)

(Lead paragraph)
 Although the news of the disaster recovery fund (the third supplementary budget for the 2011 fiscal year) inappropriately spent on research whaling finally caught the public’s attention and garnered criticism, the media reported the diverted allocation as a fund for “obstruction countermeasures (against Sea Shepherd),” which is not an accurate description of the actual situation. What really happened was that the money was mostly spent on covering the deficits of research whaling.
Misappropriation aside, this means that whale meat sales still have not improved.
 In this issue, we unravel the ICR’s financial statements and the reform proposal they crafted for securing a new money source.

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