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About Us 06 February 2012
Our Actions 16 February 2012
Statement on Taiji Dolphin Hunt 25 January 2014
Dolphin Hunting Videos at Futo in 1999 15 October 1999
Russian Sets up First Nature Reserve for Grey Whales 24 February 2003
Seibu Group's Prince Hotel Wants to Have Dolphin Shows 10 March 2005
Ten Years after Taiji Orca Capture 28 January 2007
The leaflet 'Small cetacean hunting on the coast of Japan' distributed at IWC meeting had few mistakes. 22 June 2007
The dolphin catch quota was amended for the first time in 14 years 23 July 2007
Dolphin hunting Quota (2008-2009) 13 June 2008
Another Orca Dies at Japanese Aquarium! 24 October 2000
Free the 3 Orcas Captured in Taiji '97 14 February 2001
Do not let Nagoya Port Aquarium introduce live orcas! 15 April 2001
Problems around the keeping of Orcas at Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium 25 July 2003
Russian capture of orca whale slammed in San Francisco 20 October 2003
Regarding the death of the last orca of the Taiji 5 captured in 1997 22 September 2008
Dolphin Hunt in violation at Futo '96 31 October 1996
Dolphin hunt at Futo! Let's take ACTION to protest. 13 October 2000
Japanese Dolphin and Porpoise Hunting 17 October 2000
Open letter about the new dolphin catch quota 31 August 2007
We never forget you 07 February 2007
Joint Statement NGOs call on Japanese Government to: Comply with CITES and Stop Distributing Sei Whale Meat 12 April 2018
It's not culture, but the interest of the Fisheries Agency 29 July 2017
Japanese NGOs urge political parties: Drop the proposed bill on Research Whaling, and stop wasting taxpayers’ money 19 June 2017
NGOs tell Japanese government: Approving more research whaling is a waste of taxpayers’ money and a risk to Japan’s reputation 17 June 2017
Joint Statement We Demand the Government of Japan to Revoke NEWREP-NP! 08 December 2016
Japanese NGO Joint Statement Regarding the International Whaling Commission’s meeting 66 18 October 2016
We are against research whaling for the reasons stated below: 27 March 2016
Joint Statement Stop NEWREP-A: The Research Plan Ignores International Rules 28 November 2015
Joint Statement “Retract the amendment to the ICJ compulsory jurisdiction agreement and withdraw from the implementation of the new research whaling plan” 13 November 2015
[Joint Statement] Strong Concerns Over the Import of Meat of Rare Fin Whales from Iceland 03 September 2015
[Joint Statement] Stop the new research whaling plan 04 January 2015
[Joint Statement] Stop All Research Whaling 28 April 2014
We Support the Ruling by the International Court of Justice and Welcome the Halt of Research Whaling 02 April 2014
Disaster Recovery Funds Used to Cover the Research Whaling Debts Must Be Returned 05 November 2013
Nisshin Maru returned to Tokyo Oi Futo Wharf 09 October 2013
Iceland Is Killing Endangered Fin Whales for Japanese Pet Treats 28 May 2013
Now is the Chance to Change to Non-lethal Research 06 April 2013
Research Whaling: Heading Towards Nationalization 04 February 2013
Joint Statement - "Please Terminate Research Whaling" 09 December 2012
We Request for an Urgent Review and the Return of Disaster Recovery Fund Used on Research Whaling 08 October 2012
A Request an End to Research Whaling and the Inappropriate Use of Tax Money 27 September 2012
Open Letter on Continuation of Research Whaling by Applying “Profitable Fisheries.” 26 August 2012
23.7 gram!? 03 July 2012
Whale Meat Doesn't Sell: The ICR Reports Miserable Result of Auction 22 May 2012
Let Me Have a Say on the Antarctic Scientific Research Whaling (JARPA II) 28 May 2005
"Whales are eating up all the fish" ? -- No way!! 28 July 2006
Dumped meat? 24 January 2007
Whale Meat -rapidly increasing stocks and a huge potential stock Excluded Iceland's Fin Whale in the Japanese National Survey 16 June 2011
Please stop "research" whaling in North Pacific Ocean! 16 August 2000
Opening statement for the 52nd IWC from IKAN 30 June 2000
Whales are stealing 'our fish'??? 31 July 2000
Stop the Research Whaling Right Now 16 November 2000
Protest Against the Plan to Accelerate Import of Contaminated Whale Blubber 14 February 2001
A Contribution to The Japan Observer Vol 7/7 July 2001 07 July 2001
Opening statement for the 54th IWC from IKAN 21 June 2002
Opening Statement for the 55th IWC from IKAN 04 July 2003
Investigating the sale of whale meat -the "byproduct" of research whaling - Supply, Price and Inventory 25 June 2006
J-stock minke whales threatened: the reality of bycatch 17 June 2010
Booklet: Research Whaling? It's Time to Finally Stop. 09 October 2011
IKAN Welcomes the Early End of Research Whaling 23 February 2011
Rescue ICR? not the victims of 3.11? 24 October 2011
Oct. 31 2011 NGO Joint Statement 27 October 2011
Appeal To Halt The Use Of LFAS By The US Navy 31 January 2004
From The Network To Establish A Veritable Wildlife Protection Law 31 July 1999
Include Marine Mammals In the law for the Protection of birds and mammals and Hunting ! 07 February 2003
IKAN places high hopes on Biodiversity Basic Act 28 May 2008
EARTH VISION in Shinjuku Gyoen vol.20 16 May 2007
Whale protection groups in Japan established 02 December 2001
Take Action Now to Save the Western Pacific Gray Whale! 19 February 2003
Letter to Shinagawa Prince Hotel 11 March 2005
Minke Whale - Balaenoptera acutorostrata 18 February 2012
Sei Whale - Balaenoptera borealis 18 February 2012
Gray Whale - Eschrichtius robustus 18 February 2012
Short-Finned Pilot Whale - Globicephala macrorhynchus 19 February 2012
Orca (Killer whale) - Orcinus orca 19 February 2012