From The Network To Establish A Veritable Wildlife Protection Law

a call for support

One of the few laws concerning wildlife protection, the Law Concerning Wildlife Protection And Hunting was "revised" during the last session of the Diet (Parliament).

This law was originally a hunting law which included clauses concerned with wildlife protection. This law had many flaws as it was; but this "revision", centralizing on the "control" of populations of "specially designated wildlife" was passed with neither sufficient funding nor the personnel necessary to truly monitor the project. ("Specially designated wildlife" are mainly those species designated by local authorities to be "controlled"=killed.) Because local districts will be given full-sway in being able to capture/kill wildlife, this, we feel, lends itself to a very dangerous situation nationwide.

Many NGO groups recognized the danger of this "revision" and worked for a dissolution of the "revision". Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful and the "revision" was passed in June, 1999. In the process of opposing the "revision", however, many legislators realized the importance of wildlife protection. We were therefore able to have added to the "revision", the clauses that the "revision" be reviewed in three years and that NGOs be consulted in the drawing up of a "guideline" for "Specially Designated Wildlife Management Project".

We realized this is time to bring to the forefront all the dangerous points of the "revision" and begin a nationwide movement for a true wildlife protection law while awaiting the review in three years' time.

Therefore, we have decided to call upon the assistance of all the groups and individuals involved with wildlife to join/support our "Network To Establish A Veritable Wildlife Protection Law" which was initiated in July, 1999. We hope for the cooperation of those involved in the conservation of nature, environmental education, outdoor experience, researchers, governmental personnel, those in forestry and agriculture, hunters and wide variety of people concerned.

Our purpose is to "get-wind" of the "revised" Wildlife Law enforcement nationwide and to protest and stop the process when necessary; to make a true Wildlife Protection Law and establish a wildlife protection system. Weshall file opinions and criticisms concerning the formation of the "guideline" for "Specially Designated Wildlife Management Project" and local management projects;we shall also keep track of "sports hunting " and "pest-control" and file formal protest when necessary.

International cooperation will be very important for our work. We are looking forward to receiving your word of support.

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