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The Japanese governmenta is writing a new law that can ensure the continuance of commercial whaling 2019.11.27
Answers from the Fisheries Agency regarding the open letter from us. 2019.09.09
On the resumption of commercial whaling 2019.07.06
We Oppose Japan’s Withdrawal from the IWC 2018.12.30
Stop Issuing “Introduction from the Sea” Certificates; Stop Distributing Sei Whale Meat 2018.11.14
We Oppose Japan’s “IWC Reform” Proposal 2018.09.07
Joint Statement NGOs call on Japanese Government to: Comply with CITES and Stop Distributing Sei Whale Meat 2018.04.12
It's not culture, but the interest of the Fisheries Agency 2017.07.29
Japanese NGOs urge political parties: Drop the proposed bill on Research Whaling, and stop wasting taxpayers’ money 2017.06.19
NGOs tell Japanese government: Approving more research whaling is a waste of taxpayers’ money and a risk to Japan’s reputation 2017.06.17
Joint Statement We Demand the Government of Japan to Revoke NEWREP-NP! 2016.12.08
Japanese NGO Joint Statement Regarding the International Whaling Commission’s meeting 66 2016.10.18
We are against research whaling for the reasons stated below: 2016.03.27
Joint Statement Stop NEWREP-A: The Research Plan Ignores International Rules 2015.11.28
Joint Statement “Retract the amendment to the ICJ compulsory jurisdiction agreement and withdraw from the implementation of the new research whaling plan” 2015.11.13
[Joint Statement] Strong Concerns Over the Import of Meat of Rare Fin Whales from Iceland 2015.09.03
[Joint Statement] Stop the new research whaling plan 2015.01.04
[Joint Statement] Stop All Research Whaling 2014.04.28
We Support the Ruling by the International Court of Justice and Welcome the Halt of Research Whaling 2014.04.02
Disaster Recovery Funds Used to Cover the Research Whaling Debts Must Be Returned 2013.11.05